Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Legend Of Korra": Is The Best Place For Fan-Fave Shows Digital?

There was a great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among "Legend Of Korra" fans today, as news quickly spread that the show was being taken off the air.

"Korra" has long been a fan-favorite cartoon, with popularity among the "Geek" set on the level of "Adventure Time" and "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." But, apparently, the number of cosplayers, gifs on Tumblr, fan art, and bloggers writing episode recaps does not = network success.

But is the problem the platform—not the show itself?

Evangeline Lilly On The Secret To "Archie's" Success

"Lost" and "The Hobbit" star Evangeline Lilly recently told Vulture what she credited the long-lasting appeal of the "Archie" comics to:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Things I Learned So Far Being On Kickstarter

Today marks the beginning of my third week on Kickstarter, for my project with Bobby Timony, "The Horror Lovers." (whoo!)

I thought it might be helpful to share some of my insights on using the popular crowdfunding site. Keep in mind, however, that this is definitely a learning curve, and what I say now might be tempered with my further experiences the next two weeks. I will update!

1. Kickstarter Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

There are definitely going to be highs and lows as you follow your project's progress on Kickstarter.

The One Where Sabrina The Teenage Witch Meets H.P. Lovecraft

Sabrina has a run-in of the tentacley kind in this preternaturally weird scene from "Afterlife With Archie" #6.

Perhaps it is only fitting that her analyst is H. P. Lovecraft. (Or maybe she needs a new analyst!)

Why Has Billy Dee Williams Gotten Snubbed Twice On Sequels?

The Root asks a question that has apparently been the elephant in the room since casting for the new Star Wars was announced: where's Lando?

Billy Dee Williams contributed a memorable character in Lando Calrissian—one that spanned two SW movies as well as a lot of the expanded universe stuff. And yet he has apparently not been asked to reprise his role in "Star Wars: Episode 7."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Erin Gray Became A Comic-Con Entrepreneur

I was really fascinated by this Hollywood Reporter interview with perennial fan fave actress Erin Gray, and how she turned comic and sci-fi conventions into a second career. Specifically: the way she became a sharp businesswoman and turned a bunch of autograph gigs into a big business with herself in the CEO role.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Super-Limited Edition "Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine" Hardcover

For the first time in print (outside of a half-assed incident at a Kinkos), I will be making 10 signed-and-numbered hardcover copies of my "Memoirs Of An Occasional Superheroine"—seven copies of which will be available as an incentive through the Kickstarter for my comic "The Horror Lovers."

This is a very limited run that I doubt I will ever do again...a true "first printing" there you go!

Manga "Abolitionista!" Educates About Human Trafficking

A new manga called "Abolitionista!" is educating young women and men to be aware of predators who might get them into prostitution and sexual slavery. The creation of Thomas Estler, with art by Delilah Buckle & Lizabeth R. Jimenez, it tells the story of 12-year-old Eden, whose best friend gets seduced into the world of human sex trafficking by a handsome pimp.

While the ultimate purpose of "Abolitionista!" is educational—there are even pull-out hotline cards in the back for children who might be the targets of underage prostitution—it also works as an enjoyable, if somewhat harrowing, shoujo manga.

Eden and her friend are believable and complex characters in their own right. The character of the pimp is especially interesting, in that he is initially presented and drawn as a very handsome and charming manga-style love interest; when the story reveals his true nature as a pedophile and pimp, it is quite jarring.

"Abolitionista!" was funded on Kickstarter and is made in conjunction with a group called Freedom Ladder, a community of manga and comic book lovers against human trafficking. One of their goals is to make this manga free or low-cost to schools, NGOs, corporations, associations, and others to use as an awareness tool; you can read more about sponsorships and the like here.

Comic books can be used so effectively to teach masses of people anything from the classics of literature to issues of social justice—it would be great to see more works like "Abolitionista!"

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Kickstarter "The Horror Lovers" Is Now Live!

The Kickstarter for me and Bobby Timony's comic book "The Horror Lovers" is now live -- and we could use your help!

It's a love-letter to the types of slapstick movies, humor comics and grade-B horror movies we loved as a child: the frenetic antics of the Marx Brothers, beloved and bizarre 1950s MAD parodies by Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder, preposterous and brilliant creature-features by Roger Corman and Ed Wood.

And it's a love story (sort of ) to boot!


We have an all-star guest-list of comics peeps helping us out:

* An Introduction by Craig Yoe (the editor/curator of "Haunted Horror" and "Popeye" for IDW/Yoe Books)
* Pinups by Paul Gulacy, Dan Parent, Fred Hembeck, Dennis Calero and Paul Taylor

* Kickstarter Exclusive Cover by Kevin Colden (offered in incentives)

And our modest stretch goal will produce a SECOND issue of HORROR LOVERS for early 2015, featuring pinups by Dan Goldman, Josh Bayer, Andrew Pepoy, and more!


Please check out me and Bobby's Kickstarter project page -- and if you can, help a sister (and a brother) out.

And read the first 8 pages for free right now!

thank you!